Ketaki Sheriam

VR Entrepreneur



Session Name: “Welcome to the Metaverse: An Overview of VR”

Ketaki Shriram holds a PhD from the Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford, with a research focus on how external stimuli and user agency can impact presence within immersive experiences. She graduated from Stanford in 2013 with bachelors and masters degrees, also from the virtual reality lab. She has previously worked at Google [X] on the Glass team, and at Facebook’s OculusVR. In 2014, Ketaki produced her debut feature-length documentary TRUE SON, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and was sold to Univision.

Ketaki's talk will focus on conceptual cornerstones of virtual reality, and their applications to commercial endeavors. For example, what technical factors are necessary to produce the ideal social virtual reality experience? How, if at all, do virtual experiences impact physical world attitudes and behavior? What areas will likely be the highest impact for commercial VR?