Joanna Bloor

CEO & Founder, Amplify Lab



Session Name: “Everyone Has Value, Can You Articulate Yours?”

Most decisions made about you and your opportunities are made in a room that you’re not in. Scary, right? But true. Think about it. So how do you make sure that what people think and say about you – whether you are in the room or not – is the story you want told?

Joanna Bloor guides her audiences through strategies to make sure they are both part of the consideration set and have an impact on what’s being said about us. All this starts with asking the question: What do you want to be known for? And understanding why.

One of the unique and compelling components of Joanna’s presentation is her ability to perform “speed coaching” during her presentations. She draws in an audience member and in a matter of minutes, has crafted a bold and compelling personal value proposition unique to that person. It’s amazing for the participant and educational to watch.

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About Our Speaker:

Joanna is here today because of many decisions made in rooms she wasn’t in.

Sometimes she was offered my dream job, sometimes she was shown the door. In each case she noticed, the story about her, and what she was known for, impacted the result. Which made her ask, do you know, or can you influence what’s being said about you in that room? Are you even part of the consideration set for the opportunity? And if so, how?

Joanna Bloor believes you can, and in today’s business world you must. So much so that it inspired her to launch The Amplify Lab to help people uncover their bold, unique, authentic and compelling Human Value Proposition and help them achieve impact by strategically amplifying their ideology.

Known for being brave, curious Joanna has spent 20+ years working for technology startups. In leadership roles in companies including OpenTable, CBS Interactive, and Pandora, there she was challenged to develop and implement growth strategies to help them grow from idea to IPO.

Her brave, curious, and authentic approach also helped her tackle a personal problem – losing weight with 3D printing. Sound a little out there? As a tech enthusiast and scalability junkie, she was curious about 3D printing. With a goal in mind to lose weight, 3D LILA was born. The project grew to a series of podcasts in which she interviewed experts and innovators about 3D printing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and much more, and leading her to speak on TED stage in 2016Learn more about Joanna